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Accounting & Professional Services Programs

Working in different areas of the accounting industry, we recognize that business development and leadership skills are not only a necessary part of the job of a CPA and business professional, but also the most under-served in terms of skill development and training. We believe that all accountants, and business professionals, can increase their business by 15-20% by spending time doing the right activities that will generate revenue.

Simplify business development with one of our Accounting and Professional Services Programs:

PLANT the Seed: Business Development Master Class

If you are ready to unlock the keys to unlimited business growth potential, PLANT the Seed: Business Development Master Class was created for you. This six month program was designed specifically to translate sales skills and fundamentals to CPAs in a way that allows them to achieve their desired business growth through training, coaching and accountability.


After working with accounting professionals for close to 20 years in both the accounting profession as CPAs and in the sales industry selling to the accounting market, the Sales Seed Founders recognized an incredible need for sales coaching and sales framework for those in professional services that are on the leadership track and need to grow a book of business. This specific program was developed for firms looking to provide the necessary tools and resources to develop their potential leaders and grow their firm.


We recognize that sales can be intimidating, whether that means selling their own services or those of their firm, but this is necessary to move up in a career path. With the proper training and framework in place, becoming a “sales person” is actually very simple.

This program begins with a two-day training covering the following topics:


  • Sales fundamentals
  • Selling on value vs. price
  • Understanding your ideal client base
  • Prospecting basics
  • Getting the meeting
  • Closing the business


Upon completion of the training, the real work begins. In order to be successful in this process, participants will receive consistent training and coaching over the course of the next 6 months.  This includes a monthly one-hour group training, access to LinkedIn group available only to Master Class participants for best practice sharing and Q&A capabilities as well as the option for 1-1 coaching.  This portion of the program is crucial to success as participants put the new framework into practice.


The coaching program will cover (but not limited to) the following:

  • Building and Managing a Business Development Pipeline
  • Differentiate Your Services to Deliver Value
  • Landing a Proposal Meeting
  • Delivering the Perfect Proposal Pitch
  • Navigating the Closing Process
  • Handling Tough Client Objections

To get more information about implementing the PLANT the Seed: Business Development Master Class at your firm, please submit your email below.


Download additional information about this course here:  PLANT the Seed.

This program qualifies for 16 hours of CPE credit.


Click here to register for a regional PLANT the Seed: Business Development Master Class.

Implementation Consulting

Implementation Consulting is designed for any firm currently in the process of or considering adding business development goals to their firm.  This program would be best suited for a small committee that can make business decisions for the firm.   Upon conclusion of the program, the firm will be provided with an implementation handbook used to roll out the business development framework to the firm. Topics include:

  • Sales Process/Funnel
  • CRM Usage and Implementation
  • Reporting and Pipeline Management
  • Business Development Job Responsibilities
  • Goal Setting and Measurement
  • Incentivizing Business Development
  • Managing Team Selling
  • Training Roll-out and Implementation Procedures


The key to any successful business development training program is ensuring standardized policies and procedures are in place prior to training.  We guide you through the process of policy writing built around industry best practices.


To get more information about Implementation Consulting, please submit your email below.

Succession Success Workshop

Succession Success Workshop. Increase the success of your firm’s transition with this two-day training and interactive workshop. Spend two days addressing the known risk areas of a firm transition during a merger or acquisition in order to strengthen a firm’s successful evolution. This workshop addresses the three biggest challenges in a transition:

  • Change Management/Firm Empowerment
  • Client Transition Strategies By Tier
  • Leadership Training For New Leader


Empower your entire firm at all levels to embrace change and the value behind the transition.  Firms will end this two-day workshop with tangible action items to promote a smoother transition.


Download additional information about this course here:  Succession Success Workshop

This program qualifies for 16 hours of CPE credit.


To get more information about the Succession Success Workshop, please submit your email below.

Client Experience Workshop

Client Service Workshop.  In a time where client service is not only expected, but a deciding factor when choosing accounting firms, it is important to have clear expectations across all levels of the firm.  Exceptional client service can set your firm apart in the market today.  This one-day workshop will provide training on:

  • The importance of client service in an accounting firm
  • The pillars for exceptional client service
  • Strategies to implement exceptional client service into daily activities


Upon completion of this training, attendees will have clear strategies on how to become proactive in client service.


Download additional information about this course here:  Client Service Training

This training qualifies for 8 hours of CPE.


To get more information about the Client Service Workshop, please submit your email below.

Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development is a crucial need for the skill development of future firm leaders.   This comprehensive program covers the unique skillsets required of leaders including:


  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Understanding personalities and motivators
  • Effective coaching


We provide the necessary tools to build effective leaders and continue to promote organizational growth.


To get more information about the Leadership Development Program, please submit your email below.

New Manager Training

New Manager Training is an often overlooked and costly mistake when it comes to the development of new leaders as 60% of new manager fail. Managers tend to move into a leadership position because they perform exceptionally in their job.   Unfortunately, that does not always translate into great management skills. This comprehensive program provides training on important new manager skills including:


  • Understanding personalities and motivators
  • Delivering feedback and coaching
  • Developing trust
  • Time and goal management skills


This program delivers the necessary skills to instill confidence for a successful transition.


To get more information about the New Manager Program, please submit your email below.

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training. You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression. If you have the opportunity to present a proposal to a potential client or speak in front of potential clients, having polished presentation skills can make the difference between winning new business and losing. Presentation skills training covers the framework for a great presentation from start to finish covering the following topics:


  • Tailoring your presentation to your prospect’s need
  • The art of storytelling
  • Creating an engaging and interactive presentation
  • Getting buy in from your prospective clients


Presentation skills training will build your confidence to be able to step into any pitch presentation or group setting and deliver a seamless and memorable presentation.


To get more information about the Presentation Skills Training, please submit your email below.

Soft Skills for New Professionals

Soft Skills for New Professionals.  New professionals enter the workforce skilled technically, however, soft skills are an area often overlooked in professional development. Equip your new professionals with the confidence to take on their new role with confidence, not only technically, but also on a professional level as well.  Soft skills training for new professionals includes training on the following topics:


  • People skills including networking
  • Comprehensive communication skills from emailing to texting
  • Professional etiquette
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork


Soft skills training for new professionals is the most effective way to jumpstart professional careers with the right expectations and tools for success.


To get more information about the Soft Skills for New Professionals Training, please submit your email below.

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