Sales Essentials Webinar Series

Six 1-hour CPE webinars on the following sales topics:

  • Establish Your Personal Brand
  • Prospecting Strategies Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Building a Circle of Influence
  • Fundamental Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Strategies to Avoid Discounts
  • Client Service Strategies to Increase Revenue


*Each session is available to all levels within the firm.   See session details below for additional information.




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People do business with people they like and trust.   That is just the truth of the matter.  For anyone looking to grow their client roster, whether that is a managing partner, someone who wants to eventually become a partner or a business development individual in a firm, defining and building your personal brand is the first important step in the process.  Each firm has an established brand, but when you are actively trying to bring in new clients, you are not just selling the firm, but also yourself.    This is why it is so important to establish your own personal brand that aligns with your firm.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Define your value and how it aligns with your firm
  2. Define your audience or target market
  3. Articulate your value with confidence
  4. Create an online presence
  5. Establish yourself as an industry expert in your niche


*For individuals interested in building a niche area of expertise from Senior to Partner





Your pitch presentation is one of the most underestimated steps in the sales process. The power behind delivering a tailored and value-driven presentation is often not only the key to winning the business, but also the key to attracting the rates you deserve.   The goal of this session is to provide strategies to better prepare and deliver winning presentations.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Establish proper preparation strategies
  2. Compose questions prior to each presentation that needs to be addressed
  3. Formulate a winning presentation model
  4. Design a tailored presentation that delivers value


*For individuals actively involved in sales presentations for the firm.

Finding new prospects can seem like a daunting task.   LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes prospecting and growth efficient through a simplified and automated process.  Learn how to use the tools available in this premium version of LinkedIn and other technology add-ons to Sales Navigator to find your ideal client, connect with your leads and drive engagement efficiently.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Find your ideal client on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  2. How to use saved searches and lead lists to increase efficiency
  3. How to use search functions to build targeted prospecting lists
  4. Engage with your leads skillfully on LinkedIn


*For individuals with fundamental business development knowledge and actively working to find new business.








Are you tired of discounting your rate during negotiations with current or prospective clients? It is well known that clients today are always trying to cut costs to improve profits. If you’re not properly conveying the true value of your services—beyond just price—clients may start questioning your rates. The goal of this session is to provide you with strategies to uncover the real objective beyond price to avoid negotiating based on cost alone.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Modify your mindset on receiving objections
  2. List common reasons for objections other than price
  3. Establish tactics for uncovering the real objection during negotiations
  4. List 3 questions to uncover the decision-making process


*For individuals involved in client negotiations.

Networking and referrals have always played a role in building professional services practices.  In today’s environment, it is much harder to build your client roster solely on referrals and networking alone, but it still plays a crucial role in your overall business development strategy.  It is never too early start building your circle of influence and it is never too late to fine tune your circle of influence.   The key to success is becoming intentional with building your circle of influence so that it becomes a powerful referral source for you.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Define circle of influence and why it is important
  2. Identify who ideally should be in your circle of influence
  3. Determine where to find targeted individuals for your circle of influence
  4. Establish processes to build relationships and trust within your circle of influence
  5. Create best practices on how to effectively utilize your circle of influence for growth


*For individuals who do not currently have a referral network and are looking to build one or become more efficient in nurture efforts.


Client service is not only important to retention and the client experience, but also provides an exceptional opportunity for individuals and firms to grow their practice.   Every interaction with a client creates opportunities to identify up-sell and growth potential in current clients.   A simple change in mindset and training on how to uncover opportunities can set you up for significant growth.


To do this, you will learn the following objectives in this session:

  1. Define the impact of the client experience
  2. Establish the differences in open vs. closed questions in conversation
  3. Formulate communication strategies to uncover opportunities
  4. Determine how and when to ask for the new business


*For any individual interested in learning how to uncover additional revenue and service opportunities in existing clients.