Business Development Boot Camp


Take control of your practice growth

Business Development for Accountants

Business Development Boot Camp Series:

Networking & Branding

  • Build a network that generates leads for your ideal client.
  • Incorporate rapport-building communication strategies.
  • Establish yourself as a niche expert.

Prospecting & Lead Nurture

  • Identify your firm's ideal client.
  • Find unlimited clients with proven prospecting strategies.
  • Build a strategic growth plan to crush your revenue goals.

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What To Expect Of These Programs

Why Should You Sign Up For Business Development Boot Camp?

If you are struggling to grow your accounting or bookkeeping practice and don't have a clear plan or direction, you aren't alone.  Growth plateaus happen for many reasons including when firm owners:

  • Lack an established network to leverage for referrals.
  • Spend time networking without a follow-up strategy to produce results.
  • Accept every prospect without consideration for their ideal client.
  • Receive leads inconsistently with no plan for consistency.

So what do you do?

These self-study programs were designed specifically to translate networking and sales skills to CPAs in a way that allows you to achieve your desired business growth through video learning and hands-on exercises.   In addition to learning the necessary framework to become efficient at business development, you will learn new strategies to find prospects, make connections, and win new business effectively and efficiently.

Who Are These Programs For?

The Business Development Boot Camp Series is designed for small firm owners and entrepreneurial accountants with growth goals.   This program is specifically built for those who:

  • Want or need to grow, but don't have a network
  • Want a strategic approach to bringing in the right clients for your practice.
  • Ready to move your practice to a more profitable and enjoyable position.
  • Are struggling to understand how to develop business and need a place to start.

The framework of this program can be scaled to fit your individual revenue goals no matter how large or how small and will guide through not only achieving those goals, but surpassing them with ease.

This program is offered exclusively in a virtual format combining recorded, self-paced training courses and hands-on exercises to deliver phenomenal results without having to leave your home or office.

Business Development Boot Camp Series Includes:

Prospecting & Lead Nurture Topics: 

  • Define your ideal client and identify where to find these prospective clients.
  • Differentiate between cold and warm prospects.
  • Apply a goal setting formula to determine how many prospects you will need.
  • Define your differentiation and create a positioning statement.
  • Develop outreach strategies for both cold and warm prospects.
  • Design lead nurture strategies to build your pipeline.

Networking & Branding Topics: 

  • Define a Circle of Influence and how to build one.
  • Establish strategies to network online and in person.
  • Construct an engaging and simple elevator pitch for networking.
  • Construct your own personal brand based on passion, strength and pillars.
  • Create a personal brand strategy for social media, networking and content.
  • Compose engaging and memorable thought leadership.

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About Us

The Sales Seed's Business Development Boot Camp Series was developed by The Sales Seed's owner, Ty Hendrickson.   Learn from a CPA who has developed and delivered successful sales training programs for 10+ years.   The Sales Seed is passionate about changing the accounting industry and providing the tools for accountants to grow their practice the right way.



Business Development Boot Camp Series

Individuals that participate in the Business Development Boot Camp Series proactively focus on networking and business development strategies that work.   If you want to grow your practice by adding the right types of clients, it takes a mindset shift and an intentional strategy.  Let us guide you step-by-step through this process.

"This course is easy to follow and works well with my busy schedule. I love the bite-sized lessons that make it manageable and easy to stick with. The material doesn't come naturally, at least not to me, but Ty is a great motivator and she really pushes me to improve myself."


~Boot Camp Participant