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What To Expect Of This Coaching Program

Why Should You Sign Up For PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program?

If you are ready to unlock the keys to unlimited business growth potential, PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program was created for you. This 12-month program was designed specifically to translate sales skills and fundamentals to CPAs in a way that allows you to achieve your desired business growth through training, coaching, and accountability.


We recognize that sales can be intimidating, whether that means selling your own services or those of your firm, but this is necessary to move up in a career path in accounting or grow your own practice. With the proper business development training for accountants and framework in place, becoming a “salesperson” is actually very simple.

Who Is The Program For?

PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program is designed for any accountant with business development goals. After working with accounting professionals for close to 20 years in both the accounting profession as CPAs and in the sales industry selling to the accounting market, we recognized an incredible need for sales coaching and sales framework for those in professional services that are either on the leadership track and need to grow a book of business or those looking to grow their own practice.


This program is offered exclusively in a virtual format combining recorded, self-paced training courses, hands-on exercises, 12 personalized coaching and strategy sessions, access to virtual private sessions with course instructors, and live webinars to deliver phenomenal results without having to leave your home or office.

PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program Includes:

This 12-month program covers the following topics: 

  • Building and Managing a Business Development Pipeline
  • Differentiate Your Services to Deliver Value
  • Landing a Proposal Meeting
  • Delivering the Perfect Proposal Pitch
  • Navigating the Closing Process
  • Handling Tough Client Objections

Program includes all of the following:

  • 12+ hours of self-paced training (all CPE certified)
  • 12 Personalized coaching & strategy sessions
  • Tailored exercises to implement the framework
  • Virtual private sessions with course instructors
  • Exclusive access to PLANT the Seed Discussion Group & Forum
  • 12 monthly webinars to support the self-paced training

Still have questions?  Schedule a time for a no-pressure conversation to learn how this business development training for accountants will benefit you.

Ready to build the practice you always wanted?

About Us

Each of The Complete Accountant Programs are delivered by The Sales Seed's owner, Ty Hendrickson.   Learn from a CPA who has developed and delivered successful sales training programs for 10+ years.   The Sales Seed is passionate about changing the accounting industry and providing the tools for accountants to become the complete package.


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PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program

Firms and individuals that participate in PLANT the Seed: Rainmaker Coaching Program proactively focus on business development strategies that work in a remote environment.   If you want to succeed in this new normal, thinking differently and implementing new strategies are necessary.  Let us guide you step-by-step through this process.

“This program exceeded my expectations. Ty was very dynamic and relevant in all topics.  I considered myself a good salesperson, but after today I realized I have much more information and education I needed to SELL RIGHT!”


~Joao (Joe) Gomes, MTx, CPA