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Client Service

Create a culture that results in more satisfied clients and referral sources. 

Consulting Services
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Complete Culture Consulting

This 4-6 week consulting engagement addresses all three areas of the growth circle: Firm Culture, Employee Assets and Client Service

Firm Culture Consulting

This 3-4 week consulting engagement addresses all aspects of firm culture including: talent management, flexibility programs and team building.

Employee Asset Consulting

This 3-4 week consulting engagement addresses all aspects of employee development including: professional and leadership development, career paths and incentives.

Client Service Consulting

This 3-4 week consulting engagement addresses all aspects of client service including: fundamentals, expectations and cross-selling to add value.

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Revenue Growth Through Cross-Selling

Steps To Uncover Opportunities Within Current Clients


Step 1:  Understand the role client service and relationship building plays in



Step 2:  Shifting the mindset of "selling" from a negative connotation to adding value to our clients.


Step 3:  Retrain the way we look at client work to uncover additional service opportunities.

Cross-Selling Workshop

Accounting firms now need to strategize how to move beyond commoditized services like tax preparation and find other ways to provide value to clients to increase revenue. The good news is that you have the unique opportunity to cross-sell value-added services to current clients that not only grow your practice but deepens the relationships with your existing clients.



To identify cross-selling opportunities, we first look at the role client service plays into relationships and the overall client experience with your firm. Then we gain a deep understanding of your clients and their needs to change the mindset from technical to growth and client-centric mindset. This enables professionals to focus on new ways to provide value to clients with additional services.



Once you have identified opportunities to provide additional services to your clients, it is crucial to understand how and when to ask for the new business.  Accountants tend to shy away from cross-selling current clients for fear of changing the relationship.   In reality, your clients appreciate a consultative approach and will appreciate your insight on how to provide them better service. This training provides the necessary tools to easily handle cross-selling conversations.


Let Us Customize This Session For Your Firm

All CPA firm sessions are customized and tailored to the exact needs of our clients.   Enter your name and email below to find out more about how The Sales Seed can turn your firm into a revenue generating machine through cross-selling opportunities.