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Corporate Training Programs

Working in the corporate arena, we have seen how companies and their employees function at their best and worst. We believe that with the proper training, employees can exceed their potential and increase productivity.   Our customized training programs are built with the individual company in mind to drive consistent growth.  Explore options below to help your company achieve all of the your goals.


Reveal your growth potential with one of our Corporate Training Programs:

Complete Program Development & Consulting

The implementation of a professional designed sales training program impacts a sales organization on every level.  With a formal sales training program, organizations see a reduction in turnover, quicker ramp to quota time and more long-term sales employees.  When sales professionals receive the necessary support to move into a new sales role and see immediate success, the organization reaps benefits from beginning to end.


The Sales Seed co-founders and developed and implemented successful sales training programs and Bloomberg BNA and CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business.  These programs led to an overall reduction of turnover from over 40% to less than 25% annually in the sales organization.  Additionally, these programs produced the highest achievers in the organization consistently.


To set up a consultation and learn more developing a comprehensive sales training program for your company, please submit your email below.

Presentations & Delivering Value

You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression.  If you have the land a meeting to present your product to a prospect, having polished presentation skills can make the difference between winning new business and losing. Presentation skills training covers the framework for a great presentation from start to finish covering the following topics:


      1. Tailoring your presentation to your prospect’s need
      2. The art of storytelling
      3. Creating an engaging and interactive presentation
      4. Getting buy in from your prospective clients


Presentation skills training will build your confidence to be able to step into any pitch presentation and deliver a seamless and memorable presentation.


To get more information about the Presentation Skills Training, please submit your email below.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a crucial need for the skill development of future leaders.  This comprehensive program covers the unique skillsets required of leaders including:


      1. Effective communication skills
      2. Problem solving skills
      3. Conflict resolution
      4. Understanding personalities and motivators
      5. Effective coaching


We provide the necessary tools to build effective leaders and continue to promote organizational growth.


To get more information about the Leadership Development Program, please submit your email below.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and coaching provide individuals and organizations an easy first step into leadership while reaping the benefits of the expertise of mentors in the organization. This training program provides training to new mentors and coaches on:


      1. Motivating peers
      2. Delivering feedback
      3. Performance assessment
      4. Goal setting


To get more information about the Mentoring & Coaching Program, please submit your email below.

Additional Areas of Corporate Sales Training

The Sales Seed offers customized training on all stages of the sales process including (but not limited to):


      1. Sales Fundamentals
      2. Prospecting
      3. Pipeline Management
      4. Navigating the Decision-Making Process
      5. Objection Handling
      6. Negotiation Skills


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