Maybe The Pandemic Wasn’t All Bad?

I have never felt the power of the old saying, “The only constant is change,” more than this year.    As we approach the second half of 2020, I find myself reflecting on how much has changed in the course of just a few short months.


I don’t want to talk about Covid-19 or the new normal or unprecedented times or any of the other hot terms we’ve all heard about one hundred times daily.   Everything that 2020 has hit us with has been incredibly heavy, insanely bizarre (can we please never hear about murder hornets again?) and for someone like me who already functions with a high level of anxiety, it is has been very stress-inducing.   2020 has been a wild ride both personally and professionally, and I’m ready for a fresh start.


There was a touching story on Facebook recently about how an older gentleman who has lived through other hard times must be overwhelmed by the headlines and having to live through such difficult times yet again.     Basically, he responded that he learned a long time ago to create his own headline and focus on any positive he can find in his current situation.   I’m officially taking a page out of his book.


Looking into the second half of 2020, I’m making it a priority to find some positive in the current state and fresh ways to move forward and grow.   When you really think about it, there have been some hidden blessings in the challenges we’ve faced this year.   Here’s the way I see it:


  1. Working from home is not as bad as some people thought. Yes, it was a transition, but it’s incredible to see how many accounting firms have been able to pivot.  When done correctly, there is value in the flexibility of a remote set up and some firms are even finding it to be more productive than their previous set up in the office.


  1. Being “busy” isn’t all that it was thought to be. Coming to a complete standstill has been a challenge to say the least and more so for some than others.   So many people have said that slowing down and not rushing from one event to the next has allowed them to refocus and prioritize both their personal and professional life for the better.


  1. Forcing yourself to reevaluate your business strategies and career goals every so often can have some seriously positive results. So many firms have been forced to rethink the way they do business and find ways to connect and develop more personal connections with their clients in order to survive the economic slowdown and are seeing incredible outcomes.  These new client services strategies are only going to improve the long-term success of these firms.


  1. In that same regard, others have realized that they were continuing on a path that wasn’t their plan or goal and have taken this time to regroup, myself included. This has been the perfect time to refocus and make better plans to develop a stronger and more successful business.


2020 has been eye-opening to the fragility of everything from businesses to relationships to individual well-being.   After being forced to take a step back, I’ve chosen to rethink how The Sales Seed provides value to its clients and how we bring value to our clients.   My goal is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for accountants to build the practice they want and dream of creating.   I want to help you find the right clients for your practice to grow the right way.


If you are one of the many who has spent the first half of the year trying to figure out a better way and want to grow the practice you have always dreamed, I’m here to help.   So many of our clients are using this as an opportunity to review their business development strategies and set a plan for intentional growth.   I’ve put together a short guide with some ideas on how to prospect and nurture leads in the current environment.  Feel free to download the guide here: Prospecting & Lead Nurture


Who wants to join me in viewing this second half of the year as an opportunity for a fresh start?   I’m going to look for a positive headline in each day and find a way to focus on real priorities.   I don’t know about you, but I’m hopeful for a much better end to 2020!




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