Building a Prospect List – 2 CPE


Prospect Your Ideal Client.  Business Development is crucial to the health of CPA firms and an important factor in the track to partnership for individuals.   The first step in the process of gaining new business is understanding prospecting.   This course covers prospecting from start to finish.   Before you can look for new prospects, it is important to start from the beginning and determine who is your ideal client.  Once this has been determined, we review where to find these ideal clients and the importance of building a prospect list.


*This course qualifies for 2 Communications & Marketing CPE credit.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define basic terms of sales and business development
  • Define traits of your ideal client
  • Differentiate between upselling and new business
  • Determine how many prospects you need based on your goal
  • Identify 5 places to find prospects


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