Building Exceptional Organizational Culture Through Leadership – 1 CPE


Organizational culture plays a significant role in the health and longevity of any organization but can be one of the most confusing topics to tackle. One common misconception is that a good culture is one where employees enjoy their work and it is a fun environment. While this can be a sign of high morale, this isn’t the true definition of culture. The culture of an organization is defined by how well leadership communicates their vision and values and in turn how much the employees buy into the vision and values as their own.

When organizations have an exceptional culture, there are numerous benefits including better performance, higher morale, the ability to attract top talent, and overall better loyalty. This course explores how to create an exceptional organizational culture.


Participants will learn how to:
• Define organizational culture
• Describe the impact of leadership on culture
• List the 8 attributes of culture in an organization
• Recall the 3 fundamentals for creating culture
• List 5 ways to gain buy-in for a culture change


Participants will receive 1.0 CPE Credits
Field of Study: Business Management & Organization


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