Landing a Prospect Meeting – 2 CPE


Business Development is crucial to the health of CPA firms and an important factor in the track to partnership for individuals.   The first step in the process of gaining new business is understanding prospecting.   This course covers the steps necessary to land a prospect meeting.  From understanding your areas of differentiation so that you know why someone would choose to do business with you to be able to articulate your value in an elevator pitch, you will learn the ins and outs of landing a meeting and moving one step further through your sales process.


*This course qualifies for 2 Marketing & Communications CPE credit.


Learning Objectives:

  • List the 6 areas of service differentiation
  • Write your positioning statement using differentiation
  • List 5 ways to land meetings with your prospects
  • Define warm prospects and specific outreach strategies
  • Define cold prospects and specific outreach strategies


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