Lead, Motivate and Inspire – 1.5 CPE


Lead, Motivate and Inspire.   The best leaders have the ability to share their vision with passion and commitment, giving their people a purpose, a challenge they are willing to embrace and carry on to achieve amazing results.

This self-paced training program will empower you as a leader in bringing out the best in yourself and others by exploring the most critical leadership success factors of strong leadership that will help you bring your people together, motivate, energize and inspire them to their full potential to achieve extraordinary things.


*This course qualifies for 1.5 Business Management & Organization CPE credit.


Learning Objectives:
• Describe the difference between the roles of managers and the roles of leaders
• List the three essential roles of a leader
• Recall the 4-motive motivational model
• Identify what employees want from a leader
• Balance team, task, and individual functions
• List the leadership critical success factors


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