Lead Nurture Strategies – 1 CPE


Lead nurture strategies are incredibly important in the sales process.   If your goal is to build a business full of your ideal client, then you are going to have to work to take these individuals from someone who doesn’t know you to someone who is dying to do business with you and this isn’t something that doesn’t happen overnight.

The unrealistic expectation that a cold prospect will immediately want to do business with you and not having any idea on how to move them from cold prospect to the client is the number one reason accountants give up on business development.  Here, we will look at the differences between cold and warm prospects and what the communication strategy looks like for each type.


*This course qualifies for 1 Communications & Marketing CPE credit.


Learning Objectives:
• Define the difference between cold vs. warm prospects
• Formulate a plan to generate inbound leads
• Recognize cross-sell opportunities in current clients
• List 4 ways to find cold prospects traditionally used by accountants
• Define different outreach strategies based on different prospect type


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