The REAL Problems Created In A Remote Workforce (Whitepaper)



As someone who has worked remotely and managed teams remotely for almost 15 years, I can honestly say that not only do I get more done at home, but I also work way more than I do in an office environment, seven days a week. Sure, someone might take a break to go throw a load of laundry in, or their afternoon break is now a jog around the neighborhood, but these “breaks” happened in the office environment too. Now, individuals have the opportunity to be just slightly more productive with their workday breaks. Additionally, it is so much easier to be productive without someone at your door every five minutes asking questions or the typical office distractions. As a firm leader, you should be thrilled with the increase in efficiency from those working from home. Even with all of the positive changes to productivity in a work from home environment, there are some hidden dangers in transitioning to a remote workforce not considered.




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