Using the latest technology and virtual resources, your team will experience an engaging workshop that not only teaches important soft-skills but also furthers the specific goals of your firm.

Optimized for Remote Teams

By facilitating all workshops virtually, we provide firms peace of mind that their employees are safe while also creating an engaging environment that encourages individuals to think, interact, and build relationships as effectively as in person.


Soft-Skills Focused

Each workshop is designed to teach or advance a specific soft-skill. While each workshop will be fun and include elements to boost morale, attendees will develop a new skill that helps them further execute the firm's goals.

Technology Driven

Our workshops aren't simply an in-person workshop presented through Zoom. We incorporate different forms of technology to engage attendees from Slack to Pinterest to Miro. You can rest assured that your team will have a unique experience in these workshops.


We understand that different firms have different needs and want everyone to have access to team-building resources. Certain workshops are available through our Train-the-Trainer format providing you all of the necessary tools to execute a successful team-building event.

Are you and your team feeling the pressure of this year's never-ending, busy season?


These are not your ordinary team-building workshops. By incorporating activities using non-traditional applications, your team will have a unique and exciting experience. From icebreakers using Twitter to team brainstorming activities using Miro, these workshops are like none other you've experienced in the past.

Skill Development

Stop hosting team-building events that do nothing to drive the goals of the firm forward. Each workshop is designed to not only motivate teams and boost morale but always to teach or advance a team's soft-skills. Review the list of subjects below, but know that we can customize a session for just about any topic you need.


The Sales Seed facilitators have a long history in team-building, training, and coaching. We have developed and facilitated team-building experiences that teach soft-skills for small remote teams to large organization-wide meetings for over 15 years with outstanding results.

Client Love!

"Great presentation and great interactive exercises! Very informative for all positions in the office. The Sales Seed provided 'office essential' tools when not only working with clients but working together as a team."


~Brittany Nehring, RVG & Company

"I like that she let us be us while still effectively meeting the learning objectives. Even if that meant having to wrangle us back!"


~Training Attendee, Abdo, Eick, & Meyers

"Ty understands the subject very well and provides great practical advice that professionals of all levels can benefit from."


~Michael Metz, Cyan Sky Advisors LLC

Workshop Topics

Sales Mindset

Do you wish that your team could incorporate a sales mindset to uncover more opportunities for your firm?  This topic can be delivered in the following formats:


1-Hour Virtual:  This ice-breaker type of exercise explores why accountants are traditionally scared of sales and how to break down the myth that accountants are not salespeople.


2-Hour Virtual:  This exercise builds on the 1-hour session and dives deeper into specific ways individuals can uncover sales opportunities simply through intentional conversations.


1/2 Day Virtual or In-Person:  This exercise builds on the 2-hour exercise and adds in new communication strategies that allow you to become more confident in networking scenarios as well as speaking with current clients to uncover opportunities.


1 Day Virtual or In-Person: This exercise builds on the 1/2 day exercise and adds in training on a traditional sales process to provide clarity and a framework to implement the learnings from the first 1/2 day.   This workshop encourages participants to find their own unique areas for an opportunity based on their expertise and experience.

Firm Vision
Client Service
Communication Skills
Change Management
Trust Building

Frequently Asked Questions