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Let these testimonials speak for the value we give.

"Very interesting presentation. I would recommend to any practitioner."

Inna Hren

"Simple and straight forward. Great!"

Ana De Abreu

"Fantastic, eyeopening presentation"

Wallace Loggins

"Very motivated speaker! Really enjoyed the webinar!"

Denise Whittington

"Excellent presentation and information shared!"

Sharolyn Smith

“The small group format and direct involvement from Ty was great. I hope to use several of these tools learned today in the future.”

Adam Titus

“Reinforced that you really need to build relationships with clients and gave ways to get to the client’s pain. Very informative.”

David Clear

"Very effective presentation , simple and powerful steps-no garbage and hype. Loved the last line about , if not anything leave them a engagement letter, then ball is in the others' court."

Chith Kala

"Ty's presentation provided an easily understood methodology for business development. Ty's practice growing tips and the scenarios she laid out will help me greatly in talking to prospects going forward. Thanks Ty!"

Erik Clark

"The Prospecting & Lead Nurture Boot Camp has been helpful in thinking critically about the value that I can bring to my clients, and Ty has great ideas about how to take it one step further."

Hannah Hugen