The Complete Accountant

Become The Complete Package

Develop Soft Skills

They never taught us that in school!  Soft skills from client service to networking to business development are necessary to move up in accounting firms now, but not a skill set typically taught.  Career-level appropriate soft skills are taught in each of The Complete Accountant Programs to better equip individuals to move up quicker in their career.

Identify Leadership Potential

By providing job appropriate leadership training and opportunities, The Complete Accountant proactively helps firms and individuals determine leadership potential and foster those skills to develop true firm leaders that drive change.

Learn Through Experiences

All programs in The Complete Accountant Series are hands-on, six month programs that incorporate real world experiences.  Participants learn through continued engagement and support to ensure that the knowledge learned throughout the program become consistent habits.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."  - Benjamin Franklin

The Complete Accountant Programs

Who Is The Right Fit For The Complete Accountant Program?

Firms Looking to Grow the Next Group of Leaders

Succession planning and execution is one of the biggest problems in the industry today.  With a large number of CPAs reaching retirement age, firms find themselves scrambling to find good talent to be able to transition the firm's clients.  Proactively build your next leadership team by moving qualified candidates through The Complete Accountant Programs and be prepared for succession and transition.

Firms Looking to Retain and Recruit Top Talent

The job market is hot for employees right now and the best candidates want to find a firm where they can grow and know that the firm will invest in their future.   Differentiate your firm in the recruiting and retention of top talent with The Complete Accountant Programs that will address growth potential in all levels of the firm.

Individuals Looking to Grow a Practice

Building an accounting practice is not for the faint of heart, but with the proper training and framework, it can be a fulfilling career.   Most accountants did not choose this industry wanting to be sales people, but in order to successfully build your own practice sales is necessary.  The Complete Accountant Programs provide everything you need to know to efficiently build an accounting practice.

Individuals Looking to Invest in Their Own Future

Sometimes you have to seek out your own opportunities in life if you want to get ahead.   For any individuals who feel they need more and want growth opportunities, The Complete Accountant Programs provide the necessary skills to help you achieve your career goals quicker and better equipped to succeed.

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