The Complete Leader


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What is The Complete Leader?

The Complete Accountant series leverages the power of NASBA accredited CPE Self-Study Training Courses that incorporate hands-on activities to develop soft skills in accountants at all levels.   By combining relevant training and social learning opportunities, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to grow the non-technical side of all accountants.

What To Expect Of The Complete Leader Training Bundle

Why The Complete Leader Class?

What does it really mean to be a leader?   It is more important than ever for partners at accounting firms to be true leaders that empower their teams to strive for the best.   Leaders possess unique skills that drive everyone at the firm to think differently about how to service clients and provide support to each individual’s strengths that will skyrocket the firm’s growth.


The Complete Leader Training Class provides all of the tools necessary to take you beyond the mindset of being a “partner” and shifts your mindset to being a “leader.”

Who Should Attend?

The Complete Leader Training Class is designed for anyone recently promoted to a partner position or moving into a partner role within the next 12 months.


The Complete Leader is offered exclusively in an on-demand format through The CPE Seed to deliver phenomenal results based on a new leader's specific soft-skill needs.

The Complete Leader Bundle Includes:

The Complete Leader Sales & Service Courses:

  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Negotiation for Beginners
  • Marketing Essentials

The Complete Leader Advanced EQ Courses:

  • Building Culture Through Leadership
  • Meeting Management
  • Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma

Want To Tailor The Complete Leader For Your Firm?

About Us

Each of The Complete Accountant Training Classes are delivered by The Sales Seed's owner, Ty Hendrickson.  Learn from a CPA who has developed and delivered successful sales training programs for 10+ years.   The Sales Seed is passionate about changing the accounting industry and providing the tools for accountants to become the complete package.


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The Complete Accountant

The Complete Accountant is a series of programs designed to deliver all of the non-technical skill training necessary to be successful at each level of an individual's career.


Firms that implement The Complete Accountant series proactively address the increasing need for upcoming leaders as well as increase retention of top talent by providing the desired investment in individuals early in their career and creating firm loyalty.

All Complete Accountant programs are being delivered in an exclusive virtual format.